Monday, 6 February 2012


Online shopping, whereby consumers buy goods or services online, directly from suppliers, has been noted to be significantly on a rise lately. This might be due to the more frequent use of new media tools. Online shopping can be done on your mobile phones, tablets, laptops or just anywhere where network is available. Online shopping is done by people of all ages. They buy things from several popular online stores (locally and internationally) such as gmarket, ebay, amazonjipaban, lovebonito, ohsofickle, etc. However, it has been that this convenient tool of shopping might not be all good after all.


Saturday, 4 February 2012


Here are some benefits of Online shopping:

1. Quick and convenient
It is quick because there is no queue, no travelling time, no distractions on your way to the shop to get your things! It is convenient because you don't have to get out of your house, don't have to dress up and you can shop for the things you need!  

2. Variety
There are many things sold online, from apparels to furnitures to home needs to books, just anything you need. They are easy to search because you just need to type what you want to find and links would appear! It's simple:)

3. Better prices
As compared to retailers of brick and motar stores, online retailers have a lower cost of running the business. As a result, the cost of things sold online is generally lower than those at the stores. Sometimes, the items come directly from factories and this makes them cheaper as well.

4. comparison of prices
Everyone knows Google and how convenient it is! With the help of google, you get to compare prices eaily and you are then able to get the best deals online.

5. Lessen compulsive shopping
Ever gone in a store and felt like buying everything that is on the rack? Well, with online shopping, you get to go through your items slowly and have more time to think whether you want to buy it or not, less impulse buying! One thing for sure, the items will still be there a week later:)

6. 24/7 shopping experience
Retail shops close at a certain timing everyday and this gets annoying especially when you were just about to get some real shopping done. However, with online shopping, you get to shop any time you like because the internet is open 24/7!

7. Lowers air pollution
Your parcel gets delivered to your home by a postman and he usually gathers parcel for everyone around that area. This lowers air pollution because as compared to everyone driving to and form the stores, one person now does the delivery while you stay at home and click away.


Here are some faults to online shopping:

1. Too wide variety
Having too much to choose from may be annoying and confusing at times. It makes decison making difficult.

2. Hiden costs
Many a times, people tend to look at the price that is stated beside the item as the total cost. However, shipping cost, delivery cost, etcs, tend to be overlooked. And as the shoppers are happily adding things to their shopping cart, they often get a shock of their lifetime at the end when they read the total cost for all their items!

3. Mailing problems
Although Singpost is a trusted form of delivery, your mails are still not 100% guranteed. There is still this risk that is taken when you buy things online. Plus, the person that you lias with over the internet is annonymous and therefore, problems such as credit card frauds, received payments but undelivered items may occur.
4. Unable to and feel the product
The products online are virtual and as such, you are unable to feel and try them. In addition, you are unable to check for defects of the product and especially for products like apparels, it is difficult to tell just by one look whether the clothes fit you.

5. Waiting time
Even though shopping for the product is quick, convenient and easy, waiting for the items to arrive is a  hassle. Especially when you need the item the next day, buying them online may not solve your problem. In addition, for clothes, wholesalers tend to drag the dates that they send out the items and this makes it inconvenient. Apart from this, Singpost does not delivery over the weekends and this delays arrival dates too!


In conclusion, I feel that there are pros and cons that we have to weigh when it comes to online shopping. Whether or not one thinks that online shopping has more pros than cons, or vice cersa, it is totally personal. I feel that as long as you take measures before you start clicking away, it is a totally good alternative to physical shopping. Who doesn't like shopping in their comfortable home clothes or pjs?

Tell me how you feel about online shopping on our OLIVE discussion page. Are there more advantages or disadvantages to online shopping? Is there a particular online shopping experience that you will not forget?